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Diverters & Safety Valves Blocks

DN 25 mm PN 40, 100, 160 kg/cm2
DN 50 mm PN 16, 40, 63, 160 kg/cm2
DN 80 mm PN 16, 40, 63, 160 kg/cm2
DN 100 mm PN 16, 40, 63, 160 kg/cm2
DN 150 mm PN 16, 40 kg/cm2
DN 200 mm PN 16 kg/cm2

Diverter & Safety blocks are made from steel grades: 20Л, 20ГЛ, 12Х18Н9TЛ, 12Х18Н12M3TЛ, with flange, manual control (flywheel) and chain drive.

Diverter & Safety blocks are a complex system of valves, consisting of two safety valves and two diverter valves connected by a chain drive to synchronous operation and is designed to automatically release the medium with increasing pressure in the vessels in excess of the , apparatus or pipes, for oil refining, oil and gas, petrochemical, gas and energy industries in temperate, cold and tropical climates.

When you rotate the flywheel of a diverter valves, the simultaneous movement of the lock body of both devices switching and line shutdown input and output to one of the safety valve is necessary for safety and environmental compliance. At the same time opens the inlet and outlet pipe to another safety valve, which is working. Overridden the safety valve at this time can make a revision, minor repairs or complete replacement of it without stopping the process.

When installing the lock body in the center of the tee (between seats) of both devices is the discovery of both the switching angles, which allows you to connect with securable two safety valves.

Signs, mounted on the spindles of diverter valves, show the location of the closing of the block devices and switching, respectively, and disabled workers at the moment of safety valves.

When installing the unit is necessary to provide additional fastening system that provides rigidity and structural strength.

Diverter & Safety blocks for steel grades can be made four versions:

- Steel 20Л;

- Steel 20ГЛ;

- Steel 12Х18Н9TЛ;

- Steel 12Х18Н12M3TЛ.

The required performance of selected operating conditions, aggressive working medium temperature.

The decision in the catalog designation established by the developer and will consist of letters and numbers.

The first two letters indicate the type of reinforcement ( БПК- Diverter & Safety blocks), numbers of them - the nominal passage DN inlet safety valve, the figures for nominal passage through the dash - nominal pressure PN in kg/cm2 inlet pressure safety valve, pressure rating for the following figures by a dash - the material execution of body parts (00 – 20Л steel, 01 – 20ГЛ steel, 02 – 12Х18Н9TЛ steel, 03 - Steel 12Х18Н12M3TЛ), followed by a dash followed by the numbers of execution units of the applicable safety valves (01 - safety valves with forced (manual) opening, 02 - safety valves without forced open, 03 - safety valves bellows forced (manual) opening, 04 - safety valves without bellows forced open).

OKП code 3742 Production and delivery in accordance with TU 3742-001-68142220-2010 and TU 3742-002-68142220-2010


They are manufactured with flange to the pipe, mounting dimensions in accordance with GOST 12815-80, version 1, row 2 at the inlet and outlet for PN 16, version 2, row 2 at the inlet and version 1, row 2 output for PN 40, pursuant to 7 number 2 at the inlet and version 2, row 2 output for PN 63, 100, 160 (default).

Tightness of the gate according to GOST 9544-2005 Class A.

Switching device management manual (flywheels), through the chain of transmission.

Direction of the environment - in the inlet tee (the arrow on the safety valve) of diverter valves that is installed at the inlet of safety valves.

When ordering, specify: product name, the parameters of the working environment, nominal size (orifice) (DN), nominal (conventional) pressure (PN), the pressure of safety valves setting (PH), the performance of safety valves (with or without undermining coercive force undermining) , product designation, the performance of the material, the need for additional testing.

Example for ordering (and other documentation) Diverter & Safety blocks DN 80 mm PN 40 kg/cm2, PH 17.5 kg/cm2 with positive opening safety valves of steel 12Х18Н9TЛ:

Diverter & Safety blocks БПК 80-40-02-01 inlet DN 80 mm PN 40 kg/cm2, the output of DN 100 mm PN 16 kg/cm2, safety valves with pressure settings PH 17.5 kg/cm2.

Attention! Diverter & Safety blocks, designed for gaseous, explosive and toxic environments, additionally tested after hydro air. When ordering, please make a note: "gas".

Basic information and information given at the beginning of the section.

The choice of application design, material and hull wetted parts depends on the aggressiveness of the medium, temperature, pressure, and working conditions, as well as customer requirements.

Missing data in the catalog are available upon request of the consumer.

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